Copying Element from Cloned Site no working with interaction

I am trying to copy an element from a cloned site.

The element has the class ‘page-wrapper-full-w-outer’.

However, I cannot get any of the interactions to copy across with it. Making it rather useless. I’ve never had this issue before so not sure what’s going on.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Here is my public share link:

Please send me the read-only link of the site you cloned so that I can help you better.

Hey heres the two links.

My site im trying to paste the cloned element too:

Site with the content im trying to clone and copy:
Webflow - Moving Background Images

I checked.
You see, usually when you clone and copy an element, the interactions it has come along with it and work correctly.
However, because the interaction you want is part of the page interactions, and is a page trigger, you need to create the animation from scratch and do it the same way.

I had thought that. I was hoping there was a way to copy the interactions from the page. Doesn’t sound like there is.

Thank you for the help.

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Sometimes interactions tied to elements don’t copy over correctly. Have you tried manually recreating the interactions in the new project? It might be some work, but it ensures everything functions as expected. Also, double check that all necessary assets and settings are configured correctly in the cloned site. If all else fails, contacting Webflow support could give you a more specific solution.