Copy & pasting URL on mobile


I keep receiving this message whenever I copy and paste my site’s url into Instagram chat or Messenger on mobile. I’m not sure why it says “Not Found”, but when I paste it to Whatsapp, my bio is shown as intended. Any ideas how to solve this issue or bug?

Check your Open Graph settings. Open Graph settings | Webflow University

When links are pasted into things like Facebook, or other platforms that show a preview, they show Open Graph data.

It may take some time before each platform picks up this info if recently updated or published.

Unfortunately, I already filled those out. For some reason this issue only happens with Facebook messenger and Instagram. On whatsapp and other platforms, my meta description shows as intended. Perhaps it’s an error on Facebook’s side?

Use Facebook’s URL sharing debugger to find out what’s wrong: Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers

You might want to manually input the missing OG field tags.

Edit: It seems like you have some redirects set up which is making it return a 404 to Facebook.

I inputted my URL into the Facebook debugger, it says the og:title and twitter:title are not found so I copy and pasted the code into my home page settings in the custom header code area but still no change. What do you mean by redirects and how can I fix them? Thanks!

You have this in your code for some reason:

And there’s a 301 redirect you’ve set up that also seems to be incorrect:

2020-12-28 16_16_16-Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers

It seems to have worked after I added in an open graph image URL. Thanks so much for your help.

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