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Copy/paste entire Navbar to other pages


I need some help with my navbar.
In the older version of my site I’ve not used a navbar (yes, dumb), and now I need to redo my menu.
I’ve made it the way I want on the “home”-page, but now I need to apply my new navbar to all other pages.
Is there an easy way to do this? So I don’t have to build it all from scratch on each page?
If you could copy/paste it would be great.

Anyone know how I can make this happen fast an easy?

Kind regards,

I do this when I need to copy and paste a element throughout all the pages in a site. Think of it as a section all it’s own.

Put it in a div
Symbol the div as NAV, it will now have a green screen over it, click on that and copy it
go to the page you want it on, use the css tree on the right to get to the correct section area
Paste it in, if it falls one way or the other in the wrong place you can easily drag it to where you want it
Repeat that each page
You know can also change the NAV on any page and it will change all pages

ps this is assuming it is not currently inside a symbol if it is changing / adding it would change all pages too

Amanda here is the SYMBOLS tutorial, it will solve your issue.

Thank you, wonderful!
This solved my problem :slight_smile:

Thank you, the video makes it easy to understand!

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