Converting Div to Link Block: image disappears, heading turns blue?

This absolutely makes no sense to me… :joy:

Filled the 3 columns with Div blocks, containing a background image & a semi-transparant green colour overlay, that fades in & out on mouse hover.

Right click → ‘Convert to Link Block’ results in the image + green colour overlay disappearing, because the width of the Link Block invisibly gets set to 0% when you check it (even though it looks like it’s still on Auto as if nothing happened) … ?

The heading text was white coloured, clicking on ‘clear formatting’ in the pop-up when highlighting the text (as hyperlink text can turn blue on the web), does not return it back to white …

Here is my site Read-Only link

Thanks in advance for giving some guidance, want to finish this page a.s.a.p. :slight_smile: :pray: