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DivBlock - right click (to convert to a link block) but keeps selecting image inside

I’m trying to convert my div block to a link block and have read that you can right click to do this - great!

My div blocks currently contain an image and text block (no links) - as children

Every time I have the div block selected in the navigator and right click on it, it keeps referring to the image inside, if I click ‘select parent element’ - to get back to the div block - then right click again - keeps going back to image!

My work-around has been to delete the image inside, turn the divblock into a link block by right clicking and then put the image back in again.

But wondering if there’s any easier way, were I can right click on the divblock and have the settings for the divblock come up, rather than it keep going to the image?

The divblocks are all inside a grid (not sure if that has anything to do with it?)


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Welcome to the community @Hedy!

Instead of the center of the div block, right-click on the label in the upper-left hand corner—this will prevent the child element from being selected:


Thanks so much!!!
really appreciate your help :slight_smile:
I’m new to webflow, and am enjoying it the more I learn

Another (couple of) questions if you don’t mind. (or let me know if I should repost in a different post

  • I’ve just realised that I can set a background image of a divblock or block link,
  • rather than putting an image in the divblock or block link (which is what I did)

does it matter which way I do it? (probably simpler to just set background, so I’ll do that in future)

I’m doing a simple grid portfolio

  • and want to have text appear on hover (which I’ve done by changing state of text)
  • but thinking it would be better to have text appear when hover over all of block link rather than just the text, - any recommendations of how to do this?

Much thanks!

Normally it’s best to create a new thread for any issues, but I’ll go ahead and reply here just to give you a quick answer.

Image blocks have some benefits over background images (like being automatically responsive) and with the addition of object-fit you can make them behave more like background images by using settings like contain and cover. That said, background images can be swapped out per breakpoint without needing to duplicate elements and hide/show them based on breakpoint (if you’d like a different image to show on mobile as opposed to desktop, for example).

Personally I stick with image blocks for most situations, but there is always more than one way to go about solving a problem in web development—so it will really depend on the specific situation.

Good luck learning the platform and don’t forget to have fun with it :webflow_heart: