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Convert Decimal Number to comma separated number

Hi, I’m quiet new to Webflow and have a question to numbers with collections. I have realised a simple events as collection type

I have created a number with decimal as “event duration” with minimum “0.5” to “3 days”. In Germany we use comma to separate the decimal values.

It should look like “0,5 days” - “not 0.5 days”. I cannot find any code or option to change the output value.

Can somebody help here?


Webflow doesn’t support localization of CMS fields.

The workaround is to just use a normal text field.

I tried to use text, but this does not work with what I like to do.

I have to use number field because I’m referencing to that duration as number from an other field, like

Make “end date” of my event visible if duration of my event (number field) is greater than one.

Would a combo class with replace() convert my “0.5 days” (from dot) to “0,5 days” (to comma)?

See also How to add 3 digit comma separator

Does this solution work for you guys? Not happening here.