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3 digit comma separator for numbers

I have a calculator setup based on this and would like to add comma separators to the main result. Can anybody offer any tips how I might achieve this?

I have followed the instructions from this post by @cyberdave and been able to add commas to a number value inserted into an html embed with this code:


…but not yet been successful in applying it to a specific class or id, like my calculator result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem. Kind of surprised that such a basic point is such a big issue with Webflow. Can anyone help?

Hi @Mark & @ruben-ad, I used to write a function which would format number with a comma. Have a look at that codepen, might give you what you need.

Hope that helps.

Hi @anthonysalamin

Thank you very much for your quick support here. Your solution is actually quite nice, but not exactly what I’m looking for. It’s actually simple.

I have this page here, where I’m showing the price filled in a number field:

In Europe we use a comma to separate the decimals, so I just want to replace the dot with a comma.