Content scrolling before background

This post is about the page called New About Us:

I have set my layout with 2 columns. The left side is a menu and is static. The right side scrolls. When starting to scroll there is a shift in the content prior to the background scrolling as well. What amI missing?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Don’t think I quite understand the issue you’re having here.

Thank you @Hurschul . I have a vertical menu on the left which needs to remain static. When the screen size is reduced I the right pane scrolls under the left pane. I want the behavior to be either the entire page scrolls left and right, or that the size of the content in the right pane reduces but the content in the menu area stays at the same size.

To be even more precise - this is what I am seeing. I would like either the entire page (both menu and content) to scroll left/right or for the content on the right to reduce in size.