Max-Width Not working on Div or Container

Hi everyone!

Facing an issue with setting a max-width that is actually respected on the published side. This web-build is slightly complicated with numerous moving parts and animations.

As far as the Navigator goes and the different containers and divs I have, that is minimal and should be easy to understand and navigate.

  • I’ve placed the Container in a DIV
  • I’ve set the max-width to 1920px
  • I’ve centered all elements in that DIV with auto set to right and left

Still nothing works. When the website is viewed on a larger screen, all the content inside the div and the container just spill out to the edges. But I want it all to stay at a max of 1920px wide.

What am I doing wrong?

The reason I would like to limit it is because the website just breaks as soon as it’s bigger. I’d rather restrict it to the appropriate size than to try and figure out why everything breaks when viewed in a larger screen.

Share a published URL to the page so inspection in a browser is possible as this is also required when posting in this category.


I’ve made the edit to include the published url. I apologize, I will be sure to include it in the future. Do you have any insight on my issue?


Can you give more information regarding the div names, containers that have the issue? And a screen grab of the problem?

I’m not sure what you’re attempting to achieve, but I will say that the Webflow default “container” element has pre specified properties that are limiting. I recommend using a regular div. Personally, I never use the Webflow container or section elements. I only use div and assign properties to those.

I’ve solved my issue. It was a mistake made with my aboslute and relative positioning, in my scenario with my different sections,etc.

Thanks for all the help.