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Content Editor Tab Button appearing on live site

Hello! I’m just about to launch my first website designed in Webflow and I’ve hit an issue that I couldn’t search a solution for. It may not be an issue at all:

I recently added two collaborators to my site to edit content and since that happened, a small tab button with an arrow has appeared fixed at the bottom on my window on the live site that allows me to login to the Content Editor. I figured it only popped up because I was still logged in to Weblfow, but even after I logged out, removed my Collaborators and hard refreshed, the small tab button at the bottom of the window still remains. It messes with the margins at the very bottom of my site page as well. Below is an image, red box around the tab button:

Does this thing only appear to collaborators or will it show for all viewers of my site? Below is a link to my live site.

Thanks for your help! Webflow is amazing!

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