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Contact Form / Open Mail Client


I have a contact form which works fine, 2 fields (Name / Email). Howver I would like to add an extra function when the user sends / submits, which opens the mail client so they can then send an email.

Any help on this would be brilliant.

Many thanks


Note - once you have skipped the landing page, the contact form is accessed in the social links bottom right.

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You can just add a button and set the link as this:

Hello @thinkrandom

Can’t really understand why you want this. Can you explain? Users will send an email to who?

@Noah-R Yea, but for example mailto: is not working for me. I’m using gmail. When I click on mailto link nothing happens.

Piter :webflow_heart:

I clicked it and it opens right up. That’s odd


This is a client design and I actually like. Idea being if somebody is serious about contacting the company they will complete Name / Address which we will capture on submit. This will then open email client with subject and allow the user to make a detailed enquiry. Also should be an extra layer of spam protection.



There is already a button for the data capture form and I want this to happen on the same click. I did try to create a transparent button a while back but this did not work.

Did you achieve this and if so how?


I’m just failing to see the logic here. What you have now is basically a subscription form. Alternatively for a native option instead of using javascript you can create an interaction.

Like the demo below…

I have a number of clients who prefer to have a contact us link opening the mail client instead of having a form on the site - number of benefits to this.

In this case, its what the designer specified and I can see some benefits to it.

However, I do like the idea that you have shown and I will potentially show this as an alternative.

Do you have a solution to the original idea?

Many thanks

Hi J,

I have made some updates to the form and working well, thanks for the suggestion.

Many thanks



Hey that looks great man! Good job!!! I dig it! Keep rolling with that!