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Contact Form - Hitting return (enter) key in Comment section prematurely sends form

I’ve been getting prematurely sent messages from new clients who try to reach me via my webflow contact form. What they, and now I, didn’t realize is that if you press the ‘enter’ (return) button for any reason (to add spacing for instance) while typing in the comment section it registers that act as a ‘submit’ command and immediately sends your form whether you wanted it to or not. Are you aware of this? Can it be fixed?


Yes, my clients are complaining about this also. I wanted to start the discussion also!!!

Webflow Team - I posted this in mid November. You would normally offer some feedback by now.

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I have a client complaining about the same issue. Pressing the ENTER key in a project description field sends the form, the user just wants to go to the next line in the field. Any solution or work-around?

Is there no solution or work-around?