Connecting to external graph db

I am seeking advice on the best workflow to pull data from a Neo4J or other type of graph database into Webflow. Not being a developer, nor Webflow designer, the reason is more to know what specific help to seek.

There are three use cases:

  1. Display customer specific data which is not part of Webflow CMS ( ** the most important at the start)
  2. Link Webflow CMS data to external database
  3. Display Webflow CMS data that is specified by customer specific external data

Would it be right to say these are the options?

Webflow Side

  1. Webflow CMS API is a HTTP JSON API - for CMS
  2. JS or third-parties to interact with other DBs that remotely displays data via embeds vue.js
  3. Axios http client and vue.js
  4. Bring templates made in Weblow into some external system that better connects with Neo4J (or into Saleor)

Neo4J Side

  1. GraphQL
  2. Grandstack which uses Apolllo and REACT

Thanks in advance.

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Did you get an answer on the matter ? thanks

I would have a similar interest - did anyone have some suggestions on how to connect a Neo4J DB to Webflow?

Iā€™m trying to do the same