Connecting External Data Sources to Webflow

Hi Forum,

I wanted to know how I can connect an external API to my webflow site. I’ve created some items in CMS and have some experience with python but I haven’t come across any tutorials on how to connect my APIs into my site. Any links to tutorials would be great.


Hi @Aram_Barnett, welcome.

You can only run client side JS on a webflow site. So if you have an API on your end that is accessible publicly with JS you should not have an issue.

Since you have not provided much in the way of details, that is the best I can do.

We’re pulling data from the Halo Api and want to pass the data through our cms whenever a user logs in. Based on their login information, we want to display information relevant to them.

Which CMS and where are they logging in?

We set up a collection through webflow cms and we built a login service in python but can also use the member stack one as they’ve built a login service for webflow

So you use the player API via JavaScript from the member page. Please refer to the API documentation at the site you referenced.