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Connecting BlueHost Domain

I’m struggling to connect my BlueHost domain and my Webflow-built website. I’ve exhausted all options. Any suggestions?

Here is my site: Matchstik

I can se that the TTL is very high, the DNS will take 4 hours to update change the TTL to 3600 Sec

Unfortunately 4 hours is the minimum. I’ve connected this domain once before, when it was on my account and since then I’ve switched it over to the client, so I’m a little confused because last time it took just a minute before it was connected.

Ok, delete the current records abd add new one’s. Normaly that works.
Be sure to follow Webflow instructions with A and CNAME records.
Then set your www domain as default AND REPUBLISH.

Here is some more information i have posted

I tried that earlier and just tried it again and it didn’t work.

You need to give it time, the DNS must update. Try your mobile If you have a landline. Mobile use to update faster

Did you try with the ip’s in my other message?

I did not. Sorry, can you elaborate? I’m a little confused on that.

I found out that some people did have problem to connect. Then we tried these ip ( I use them my self) and it did work of some reason

If you decide to use them, delete the old A records

Sorry, I’m not sure which IP numbers you are referring to?

For anyone else having this issue, here’s what worked for me:

  • Deleted the two current @ records and added new ones (@ records from a previous working Webflow site)
  • Deleted the CNAME and reentered it

You MUST give the dns time to update