Confusion with repeatable on-scroll triggers/animations

I’ve looked at multiple resources between this discussion board and the University, I feel like I do understand this situation, but if I’m right then the end result is disappointing, so I’m hoping someone can correct me.

We’re a digital agency working on our new site in Webflow, it’s our second Webflow site. I’m trying to create a suite of standard on-scroll animation events to use for various elements as you scroll down a page: fade in, move in, etc. My plan was to essentially use class names like ‘anim-fade-in-up-forward’ to easily add such animations to various elements on the page, since I knew I could choose “Class” as my Affect setting. You can probably see where this is going. :slight_smile:

No, I can’t just add that class (as far as I can tell) — it has no effect on that element unless I also add an Element Trigger to the element. I see references to adding such a trigger to a parent element instead and then adding the class name to all child elements inside, but this also has an undesirable effect: it causes all of the child elements with my class to trigger at the same time, including those that haven’t entered the viewport.

Am I misunderstanding something here, is there a way to be able to just add class names to create individual “instances” of an on-scroll animation? Granted, I can change my trigger to Affect “Interaction Trigger” and just keep applying that on an element-by-element basis (so that I don’t have to also add the class), but that takes a lot more clicks than just adding the class name wherever I want a given on-scroll animation.