Targeting common class for all items -on scroll

I watched this good tutorial on reveal elements on scroll:

I followed it fine. However, each article I have has one common class “cell” and a second class for each particular article (i.e. “v1” “v2” and so on, one for each). When I do the animation, it targets “cell v1”, but I would want it to grab “cell” only, so it animates all “cell” items. I can only seem to be able to animate “cell v1” under class or the element itself, which has on both scenarios the same outcome. How do I select all “cell” elements. I attached a screenshot, and a read only link to the site.

Here is my public share link:
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Hello @Josefina, try setting the animation to affect the Trigger. It will affect all elements that are the trigger of the animation.

On the other hand if you want to use “affect class”, (sometimes it’s better, depends on situation) here is what you need to do:

  1. Select the first div, and only name it “cell”. DO NOT give it a second name.
    When you set an animation to affect similar classes to the element you are animating, it will refer to the full class name(main name+combo names).
    For example, if main class(the one you are animating) has 2 names (cell+v1), all other classes need to have BOTH names, plus the third name(cell+v1+v2, and so) in order to be affected. That’s why it’s easier to name the initial div just one name, work on it for the animation, then apply it for other elements.

  2. Once you do that, in your case, make sure to select “affect ALL elements with class name”, since the different elements are not children to the main element.

Hope this helps, cheers!