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Confused about Google Maps pricing (snazzymaps)

Does anyone know, in a simple way to understand, how pricing for Google Maps works? Is it free up to a certain amount of loads? I’m using Snazzy Maps so it uses the Javascript API.

Michael! You’ll get around 28,000 map loads free each month if you’re only using dynamic maps. Beyond that, it is $7/1000 extra map loads in a month. If you’re using other google maps api like places, geocoding, etc… it’ll use up some of your maps free limit as well so it gets complicated then.

Thanks Holly! So, to be sure, Snazzy Maps is not just dynamic maps, correct? Also, if it’s $7/1000 loads, does that mean I’m paying $0.007 per load, or it’s free up to 1000?

Would you recommend having customers create their own API’s rather than creating them myself? Thanks!

I started to make my clients arrange this themselves. Don’t want to go bankrupt overnight :moneybag::moneybag:

This is a really a Google question. Not webflow. Go to the source when planning your costs.
Google Maps Pricing (new model)

This is a community of web designers who use Webflow. My question is relevant to web design, and so I am asking my fellow Webflow designers who may have had experience in this area.

Also, this post is in the “Workflow Apps” category, which has a description that reads: “A category to talk about and get help with other apps like Photoshop, Sketch, WordPress, etc.”

“Photoshop, Sketch, WordPress, etc.” are not Webflow.

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When money is involved would it not be best to at least review the actual pricing Google charges? Other people follow the thread and jump to a conclusion based on a post that may not be correct. That is why I referenced it. Thats all.