Conditional visibility on multiple CMS

I’m trying to link two CMS Together with conditional visibility
meaning when someone clicks on one item in CMS1, either the items in CMS2 or CMS3 will appear. Sort of a path
if A is active → Show B
if B is active → Show D

Possibility 1
I’ve thought about creating one single CMS collection with all the CMS items in it and applying filters (by using attributes) but that would make the website very messy especially since I’m already applying filters on my CMS collections (e-commerce website)

Possibility 2
I’ve also thought about achieving this with hide/show animations, but the page will load very slowly and it would be messier

Possibility 3
I also thought about multi-reference fields in my CMS…but I literally need the whole collection to appear.

Is there another possibility? like adding some sort of code? or another feature I haven’t thought about?

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