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Conditional visibility of two elements (linking dynamic lists)

I have simple problem on Webflow CMS on link at dynamic list to another.
I made a slider with 5 pictures (all in dynamic lists). Then I made another dynamic list outside the slider for the caption of each picture in the slider. (you have to click the area under the picture so the caption will move up).
Now I want to connect the pictures and the texts, so that if picture of »project 1« is shown in the slider, only the text of »project 1« is shown in the caption… I tried to connect the texts with the pictures via the conditional visibility condition »when image is set« but it does not work, all texts are shown. hope you can help me…

Here is my public share link:
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That is not how the conditional visibility works I think… I think what you are telling it to do there by setting the conditional visibility is that if that collection has a picture, show the text, not if the slider above has an image show the text. you won’t be able to do that in that way…

What I would suggest is to just add the text to the image collection you’ve set up…

I don’t think you can link collections like that… that is, you can’t have it show or hide based on a different collection.


Use a second slider that is styled not to look like one.


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