Conditional Visibility Issue with Blank Rich-Text CMS Field

In this thread this issue was discussed back in 2015 and seemingly resolved but it appears to have come back for me.

Basically I have an element on a CMS collection page that is set up to be visible if a specific rich-text field is set (if it is not set it is not visible). It has been working but recently when someone deleted the content of one CMS item for that rich-text field the element is still showing up even though the rich-text field is no longer “set”. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a solve? Does Webflow need to fix it again?

I tried deleting the field out removing and re-adding the conditional visibility but nothing fixes it. New CMS items without that rich-text field being set operate as desire. Thanks!

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Can you share your published site link, and indicate clearly where the rich text element is in the page?

My guess is this is a new bug, related to the recent rich text element updates. Haven’t seen it mentioned here though.

If I’m right, you should be able to hackfix this by hiding your element with custom CSS.

Here is an example where in the CMS there is no artist statement (a rich-text element) but the heading “Artist Statement” while set up to be conditionally visible if the artist statement field is set is displaying.

Here is an example of a page where the artist statement does exist and it is showing:

And here is an example where no artist statement is there and it does not display (as it should).

Noticed a similar issue today. I have a container with a rich text element inside it. The container should be hidden if there’s no text in the cms for the rich text, but it doesn’t hide it.

Webflow, was this a mistaken change with the new rich-text element changes?

It’s showing a non-breaking space &zwj in your rich text content.
If that’s not actually in your CMS content then something else is going on.

My guess would be it’s either a bug related to localization, since that work would have content variants in the CMS.

Unfortunately you cannot easily fix this with CSS alone, and if it’s breaking conditional visibility that complicates things further a bit.

Contact Webflow support to register the bug. Other than that, you’ll have to decide whether to just wait, or to add your own simple c-vis solution.

I really appreciate the help and time! For now I just recreated the CMS entry and was careful not to touch that field and it worked. I will reach out to support as well.

+1 I’m getting the same issue

Same issue here as well, any updates?

I received an update from support on this:

"It appears you have run into a known issue that we have recently uncovered and are tracking. The team is aware of this issue and actively working towards a solution. I don’t have an exact timeline to share for when the fix will be deployed, but I will keep this ticket on-hold and provide you with an update the moment I have one to share.

In the meantime, the workaround will be to set conditional visibility for this element with a switch field or based on some other field’s values. We understand this may not be ideal, but I’m hoping it works as a temporary solution while the team works on solving this."

I have this same issue! Good to know it’s on the radar.

Hi guys, I’ve ran into the same issue recently.
While Webflow is working on fixing this issue, what worked for me is to go into each CMS item with the empty rich text field, select all with Ctrl + A, and then deleting it. It will seems like it selects and deletes nothing, but it worked for me even without having to reset the conditional visibility on my elements.
Hope it helps!