Issue with Rich Text and CMS

I’ve got a container with rich text inside that is getting information from a CMS list.

What I want to accomplish is for the container to be hidden when the rich text is empty. I’m running into an issue with conditional visibility even though the rich text field is empty in the CMS, the designer shows the container and the rich text. (the empty rich text shows as a vertical line)

I’ve checked multiple times if the field is 100% empty, and it is.

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Picture 02
Here’s the condition of the div block/container.

You can set conditional visibility on a parent container holding the RTE. Vs. conditional visibility on the RTE element itself.

Thank you the instructions, I’ve tried each and it doesn’t seem to solve it.

It’s a new bug that surfaced yesterday.
I can see a non-breaking space in the content, which is confusing the conditional visibility logic.

Best guess is that it’s a localization bug.

You’ll need to contact support.
Unfortunately the only way to fix it yourself is custom code.