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Conditional visibility based on Memberstack field input

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to show an element based on input in Memberstack fields?

What I’m trying to do: I made a 2 step sign up process. I want to add a modal popup to the dashboard page for users who have NOT completed the second step in the sign up process. (it is important in my project that users are only able to complete the sign up once, so adding a profile update page is not an option).

I have only sent the first step of the sign up process into Webflow CMS with Zapier, I know that I could achieve what I want with sending the second step into CMS with Zapier and then using Webflow’s conditional visibility to show or hide the pop up modal (with next step of sign up process). BUT, I would like to have a workaround since I would otherwise have too many zaps (and need a more expensive membership).

So my question is simple: I know that I can hide certain elements for certain memberships, or populate fields or text in Webflow with MS attributes. Is it also possible to hide or show certain elements on a page based on if a Memberstack field is empty or not?

If the answer is super complex, I’d rather do it with extra Zaps. It just seems like such an easy thing to do that I would like to save some Zaps if possible