Conditional visibility of sections based on onboarding choices

Hey there folks!

My goal is to show a specific section based on some questions after onboarding the user.

Here is my current setup:
I have a membership platform on webflow with educational no code content.
The user signs up via memberstack and lands on the homepage with all the contents.

Now what I’d want to do is create a multi step onboarding with few questions:

  • what is your goal (option list of possible goals)
  • what’s your level of no code? (Or something like that, with another list of options)

Based on those answers that would be logged in memberstack and in my users cms I’d love to show my users content related to their choices.
So for example, if the user declares that his/her goal is to build an mvp, I would show them the “mvp” section when they log in, in a specific section called “my picks” with content filtered to only show mvp.
OFc they can still see everything else, but I think this would give them a more personalized experience.

Is it possible natively? Or maybe with some custom code or finsweet attributes?

Thanks a lot!