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Conditional logic doubling some information

Hi All!

I am having some trouble with a piece of conditional logic that is not behaving.

Some context, I am trying to display a Div based on a Option selected in the ‘Options’-dropdown on a product page. E.g. IF user selects [FABRIC 1] THEN display [Div_1], and so on and so forth.

I am using the SKU from the individual Options to drive the visibility.
SKU = 1, Display, FALSE()

SKU = 2, Display, FALSE()

SKU = 3, Display, FALSE()

Now this is working for the most part, but also where it starts getting funny.
Inside the Div I have 2 Collections that pull information (Collection_1 & Collection_2). My Goal is to only pull information from the Product that is currently being displayed. The challenge is that that Collection_1 pulls from all products, and Collection_2 from just the current.

Since they are behaving differently I have no idea how to fault trace and then build a solution.

Some Info that might be useful

Collection_1, the one that should be displayed

Collection_2, that should not be displayed, and is only partially being displayed.

Here is my public share link: