Component slots

Designers are well acquainted with the challenges of maintaining both flexibility and consistency within their design systems. As websites grow and adapt, maintaining consistency across every design iteration has become a cumbersome task, but it is no longer the case. With the introduction of component slots, Webflow is changing the way designers create and manage design systems. Slots allow for the creation of components with placeholders, which do not require predetermined content. This empowers marketers and clients to interchange the contents while preserving a consistent design structure

Originally introduced in the Web Component specification, slots have now been seamlessly integrated into Webflow’s components. This enhancement aligns Webflow’s capabilities more closely with established development standards. Slots are specialized elements found in the Add panel that act as placeholders within components. This modular approach significantly enhances flexibility, allowing for the customization of component instances with various elements.

With slots, designers can establish a core set of composable components that can be dynamically used across different layouts and pages. This modular system reduces the number of components to manage and streamlines the design process. Adding flexible sections to your overall system will enable a more composable design approach, where components act like building blocks that can be nested and combined in countless ways.

Incorporating slots into your design system allows for a consistent structural framework while accommodating content variations and updates. This leads to a more manageable, scalable, and adaptable design system that efficiently meets the evolving needs of your projects.

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@matthewpmunger This is great news! I think this is again a huge step towards making Webflow more accessible and usable for clients (at least as soon as the page-builder is released).

Small Feedback:
I just tested the feature for about an hour and I really like it. There’s only one scenario where I ran into a problem:
When I have a 3-column feature list that could potentially contain an unlimited amount of features, it is not possible to build that properly with slots.

The problem is that for every feature-item I have to use a separate slot.
But when I have currently 7 features but I want it to be possible to insert 12 features in this list, then I put in 12 slots. But the problem is that if a slot stays empty it will still take its space on the published site. So in the case above it would create an additional empty row to the grid.

@matthewpmunger How would you use slots in this scenario?

Again, big applause to Webflow for creating this feature! I think it will make life a lot easier for us developers :-)

Hey @Schuschi_Eyes

For this scenario, try just using a single slot and style the slot to be a 3 column grid with 1 row so that rows auto generate. You can add an unlimited amount of components into that slot. Hope that helps.

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I don’t have the Slots icon in the panel neither in the search bar, is it available in France ?

Slots are available to all customers. The Slot element is only available when editing a component as that’s the only place they’re usable. Hope that helps.

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I definitely don’t understand what is it and what is it for… Do you have more documentation? Mor eexplicit and detailed than Slots - Webflow University Documentation

I’m very curious as I use a lot of components…

I have been checking daily wondering why I didn’t have slots available! This information should be on the documentation on how to use them! Thanks for this. Been waiting to test this out…