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Company website with CMS in Webflow - is it possible?


i wonder is it possible to create big company website like this Budmat in Webflow with CMS from scratch or reacreating it. There are many categories, products, articles and other stuff. Is this not too much for Webflow? Could someone post examples of similar company websites made in W?

Thanks in advance.

Definitely. Our own website is built entirely in Webflow, and here are a few more impressive/extensive company websites built in Webflow:

You can learn more about the CMS on our website, along with a recent post on our blog that I wrote about the pros of managing a company site with the Webflow CMS.

Hope this helps your research!

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I think it is for sure! We do our website in Webflow:

We’re really happy with it and it works like a champ! We’re about to roll out the second iteration in the next few months. It’s so easy to change and adapt with webflow. I think you’ll be incredibly happy depending on your use case.


For sure, what are your doubts? Cheers!

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