Community member of the week: Alex Cheng


I’m excited to introduce our first featured community member, Alex Cheng. @Alex_Cheng is a graphic designer with a steady drive to do more.

After graduating college with a BS in Graphic Design, Alex worked for a web design firm whose clients were mainly financial and banking companies. He created static website mocks for in-house web developers.

While there, Alex had to take on all the design work since his then Art Director won season two of Project Runway (Canada). He eventually grew frustrated with the seemingly endless steps involved in taking a website live. Grateful for all he’d learned, he made the decision to return to school for event planning.

In school, Alex started a Toronto special events network. The group met three times a year and grew to over 5,000 people with 20 sponsors. After five years in the events planning industry, Alex noticed a glaring weakness amongst his colleagues.

Wedding businesses were using templates and stale website designs.

With the help of his history building static mocks and Adobe Muse to fill his code-knowledge gap, Alex began building small wedding sites for clients. The sunset of Muse brought him to the Webflow community, where he continues to learn and build. We’re thankful to have him.

Besides running BoutiqueWebsites, Alex started The Violet Heart Project, a non-profit organization that reuse flowers from events for people in retirement homes, hospitals, and shelters.


Welcome to the Webflow community, @Alex_Cheng :tada: - so happy to have you here! I really admire what you have done with the Violet Heart Project, and can’t wait to see what you build in Webflow! :slight_smile:


Thank you @callmevlad! I love the community and look forward to more features, developments and awesome videos from webflow :wink:

Thank you @PixelGeek for the feature! It was great to meet you on video chat !!

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Welcome @Alex_Cheng to the Webflow community :slight_smile:

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