Community Forum Template

Hi, I’d like to buy a basic community forum template and import into Webflow. This would be a finance related site and just needs a basic login/signup page and allows people to make and read posts.

I do not see any Webflow forum templates for sale but I see a few on Envato. If I buy one from Envato am I able to import it into Webflow? Not sure how that works.

If you can suggest something like this (community forum template) that’s Webflow-ready. please send it!


Webflow does not have a forum or chat capability. Memberships is coming, but in BETA. If you check back in about 2024, you’ll probably see some functionally-vetted chat/forum solutions.

For now, the approach is to find a 3rd party solution that supports integration by HTML+CSS+JS, and integrate it.

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Thank you Michael. I’m still sort of new to web design. If you could expand a bit further on what you mean by 3rd party solution and integrate that would be great. Integrate into Webflow? Thanks again!

Hi Ivan, you need to find a chat service that you like, which will work with Webflow.
If you don’t know what you’re looking for, best to start with Webflow’s recommended providers.

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This is excellent. Thanks Michael! :wink: