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Columns not showing


I just can’t work out an issue I have with 5 columns not showing on the front end? The link is and the placement is under the heading ‘Brands’. The code is there as I can view it in inspector and everything is visible, just no logos seem to be appearing? Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only:

Add read-only link. Anyway looks like interaction issue (Remove the scroll interaction).

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Yeah I can see the interaction in console but there are no interactions showing within Webflow. I have checked everything from the single link block all the way up.

RO link is Thanks

RO Link -

FYI: You have legacy interactions on that page.


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Are you saying that is why the content won’t show? It has selected none so I assume that is OK?

What is a legacy interactions and will I lose something if I delete them all. Thanks

Can anyone actually help on this? They are still not showing and there is no obvious reason why…

hh, what a weird/rare problem. The solution is very simple (Please later mark this as solution to close this topic).

You added background-image for empty div (Without any height + width + content). Under the designer + not in preview mode, webflow add height for empty divs (Otherwise no way to select those).



Add height - done :slight_smile:

In general its better to use real images and not bg - for such simple layout (And add alt for each image).

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Thank you! Very strange, the divs above had min-heights, not sure why these haven’t sized to the image when they were set to auto. But thank you!

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