Columns have different layout on Chrome vs. Safari

I have the following layout and Chrome (left) and Safari (right) are showing the page differently when published.

Webflow Designer will initially show me the layout on the right (matching Safari) and sometimes (momentarily) it will jump to the layout on the left (matching Chrome). If I hover my mouse over the elements in Designer, it will snap back to match the look on the right (Safari).

How can I remedy this issue?

I want the layout on the right.

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Live site:

The primary use of text columns is what they have in the description. This means they should be used for long text splitting to several columns. For element positioning, you should use Flex and/or Grid instead.

Ok. Thanks @Stan.

Is this an unsupported workflow? I learned this from a tutorial (it’s even working as desired on a different page).

I’ll investigate your suggestions.

hi @dr-f The text columns were used as a design tool in history when websites were not responsive and were made with help of Tables Im talking about approx. 2000-2010. If you would like to still use it you are welcome but CSS is miles away from this era and miles ahead of what Webflow UI offers.

Ok … thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Looks like I originally went off-brand on the tutorials to try to make a responsive site and so now I’ve just watched the Webflow University Grid video. The former didn’t have any witty jokes or puns - that should have been a red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:.

Hi @dr-f like I said do as you wish, your choice. :person_shrugging:

Hi @Stan The page working consistently and using a modern workflow is important to me – so I’ve been experimenting with the grid layout. Thanks again.