Column slightly out


Can anyone help me, please? I have set up a column and it is slightly out by about 10 pixels to the left. I can’t figure why it’s like that and looks a bit weird popping out at the side.

it can be found on the carpets CMS template page. Thank you!!

is anyone able to help?

Looks to me like you are misusing the Container. The Container is set at a certain width and needs to remain there. So, I took all your items out of those Containers and put them inside new Divs with the settings you want for the Container div. I left the old Containers above the new Div, to show what I’m typing about, and named these new Divs “Container div” so they would take on the formatting.

well, that can be due to miss using the container, Do get it correct it and it will fix your problem.

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