Column Content Wrap

How do I change the photo in this Column Content Wrap
I don’t see where the photo is to change it.

in the Bayous of Louisiana

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

can I upload a screen shot in this software ?

Just drag and drop the screenshot inside the text box,

and don’t forget:

OK, Thanks that was easy to do.

Behind the Blue is are photos
I cannot for the sake of it where
they are in webflow

This is a starter template.

To me if these Template Designers want to make some
more money start selling
How to build this Template on Web Flow.
Step By Step Video.
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Looks like those images are set via the div’s background, and is not actually an image element.

If you need further help, please provide more information as described here.

Oh, My I don’t know that stuff

I appreciate your reply, you seem to be the only person
who answers my questions… Thanks
Im using the


That Page is on the Home Page that is attached
Let me read your link and see If I can figure it out

Select Help Column, scroll the right tab down to Background

Hold on
Let me go see

100% Correct
Thanks, Im on it now

Do you offer one on one
Training. Via Screen Hero
If so how much per hour

No, I do not. You can find freelancers in the Freelancers category.

Please avoid posting your personal particulars on the forum.