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Colour background change on scroll


Would be amazing if someone could help me with this. I am trying to make a site where the background colour changes when scrolling. Just like in this example and tutorial. Change Backgorund Color on Scroll

However it is in german, and he is not showing how to do it from scratch. I have followed other tutorials online as well (but they are old and Webflows user interface has changed since).

I can’t manage to create the sections and div blocks/background colour elements correctly.

Would massively help me if someone can explain how to do this. And would really be grateful.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Upside 2.0

Hey Scott.

Are you open for a custom solution that is more effective and simple to manage?
I could share my go-to method and write you a little guide.

Let me know if you are interested.

Not my own solution, but a tutorial in english language instead.

Not sure I understand what you mean exactly, but that sounds good!

I made a short video about the interaction, check it out :call_me_hand:

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Thanksss! Sent you a PM! :slight_smile:

This seems to be old and not working anymore.

Nope. You are just not doing it the right way.
Hope this helps you out:

Hint: If you are not able to recreate this, Webflow might be not the right place for you.