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Color change during scrolling

Hello together,

I would like to animate a color gradient on my website while scrolling. The color should change from a black sector to a gray sector and then to a white sector. My website is based on the Photograph X template and I tried to reproduce the effect here: Hintergrundfarbe beim scrollen ändern – Scroll-Animation – Webflow Tutorial deutsch - YouTube

It should start with “sector 3 n” which is black. The next sector should then become gray and the following one white.

For this I have also rebuilt everything so far and put the content in a DIV block, as well as the background. But that didn’t quite work and unfortunately I can’t set the “relative” to.

What can I do or are there other ways to achieve this effect?

Thanks a lot and best regards!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @WF_Media you have all informations you need in tutorial than under video are links and one of them is to “Read Only” project. What else you need?

I need help. It doesn’t works on my website. :confused:

Hi @WF_Media the best practice to get help on project is to share read-only link