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Color Picker Won't Display - Conflict I Think

Hey guys, I’m trying to get this color picker to display and I can’t get it to work on webflow.

I can get this to display perfectly when in just a normal html file so something has to be maybe conflicting.

This is the code in the head section of webflow, same as in my index.html file

<script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script src=''></script> <link rel='stylesheet' href='' /> <link rel='stylesheet' href='' />

and this is the embed code:
<input type="text" id="flat" value='#45925f'> <div id="availability"><span> </span></div> <input type="hidden" id="control" value=0 data-color=""> <script src='jq.min.js'></script>

So this exact code in a normal html file should display this:

on this website:

But I think there is a conflict or something and maybe someone can help :slight_smile: thanks so much!

You can see the embed widget near the top, thats where the code is, and in the ‘home’ page settings is where I included the script and css includes

ahh I figured it out, was conflict with jquery.min.js