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Collection Template Page Not Found (404)

Hey there

I have made a simpel collection with a few products listing just fine at

Then I made my productpage (click at the nude button on the list) which is working fine in webflow but as soon as I publish it, it returns a 404 error page not found… what am I missing?


Here is my public share link:

Please publish to Webflow subdomain as well (

Okay done… but why?


Just want to confirm if it’s a bug.


Hi @samliew and @KimHougaard, I just wanted to get back to this post. I actually already helped @KimHougaard from the support desk, so I though I would share what the issue was.

I noticed that the custom code in the main site settings included the html tag, and this will break the link

I tested this on a replica by removing the code from the custom code in the Before Body:

<html xmlns=""

After saving and republishing, the links worked correctly.



Thanks - and yes that solved the solution.