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I have a press page in a site I’m working on and the client is required to have a speed bump modal that warns visitors when an external link is clicked. Visitors can then click “Continue” to navigate to the intended link, or they can click “Cancel” and dismiss the modal.

Rather than messing with javascript, I thought I’d set up a modal that is added into the press release collection item. When the title of a press release is clicked, it triggers an interaction of showing the modal, and then the actual link to the article is shown in the modal. This link is pulled from the collection item.

The problem is that no matter which press release is clicked, I am unable to get anything other that the link from the first collection item in the list rather than the relevant one. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if I’m just not able to pull this off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In Webflow, you’ll find the page I’m referring to as “In the Press” which is in the “Other” folder in the page structure. “Disclaimer Wrapper” is the name of the modal element nested within the collection item.


I couldn’t find the modal, nor how you are calling it to open.

I ended up abandoning it and just going with a bit of custom code using jQuery. Thanks for being willing to help though!

hmm… craigteel I have the same question but obviously not the same set of technical skills as you. I would be interested to know how you made this work if you are happy to share.

The site I am working on is at

If you click on a grape variety I want the modal to show the information for that variety, it currently shows the information for only one variety (which is the first listing in the collection). I have no experience with jQuery though.

Thanks. Jo

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