Collection Items links giving 404 results


I tried to find and answer to this, but I am very new to Webflow and maybe didn’t search for the right terms.

I am trying to understand why this link returns a 404:

If I look at the Collection Template for Staff on the backend, the SEO part previews correctly, but then obviously it’s not rendering…Maybe the SEO part is just so it will show up in search results, but how do I get it to display the info when clicked? (Also, why do some of the collection pages templates have check boxes next to them and others do not?)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Here is my public share link: Read-Only Link

Hello Amanda, Its not showing 404 currently, its just showing a blank page because your staff collection template has absolutely no content in it. Here in the following screenshot I have added a h1 to that template’s body then once you add any element webflow displays an option to attach a cms field to it.

You need to design and put elements on the template page


To add on here.

@Amanda_NFSN In case you haven’t seen it. Here is the University documentation on adding CMS content to a template page.

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