Collecting API keys and user inputs in Webflow apps

Hey everyone!

First off, big thanks for the helpful documentation and sample apps. I’m working on a Webflow app that connects to external services via API keys, the other service doesn’t have an oAuth method.

For example, say I wanted users to use their own OpenAI keys instead of mine in the Hybrid app example.

Does Webflow have a recommended approach for securely collecting and storing these keys?

Additionally, I need to gather some user inputs to set parameters for API calls. Is the only way to capture any user inputs through designer extensions, or is it possible for users to set information in a data-client app?

Looking forward to your insights!

Actually noticed that the example retrieves the auth key through an input in the extension.

It appears that the best way to obtain information from the user on the client-side and interact with third-party API extensions is via a hybrid app.

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