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Collapsing text sections

Hi looking for someone to make a quick tweak for me. I’d like to add two collapsing text sections like this website ( but am not sure how to make that happen in Webflow. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Follow these tutorials. If you have trouble, shoot me a message and I’ll help you align it where you want. The tutorials don’t have location on the page.

Thank you. The initial animations are very helpful but starting on Step 3 there aren’t any more GIFs and the menu names have all changed since this was published. Do you mind walking me through starting on Step 3?

Okay so I understand, are you trying to get an accordion to drop down, but keep the link block in place?
Right now it moves up (on the tutorial). That’s the issue. What do you want to accomplish.

Because the ( example is only a simply dropdown menu. You don’t need interactions for this, just drag a “Dropdown” element, that’s it. That tutorial was a year ago and new functionality is present in WF.

Are looking for exactly like

Yes I’d like for it to be exactly the same. Take a look at the current read-only link. Several things that are different currently and I’m not sure how to fix. Thanks.

I’d like to learn how to do this properly so I can do it in the future AND I would like to speak with someone via Skype screenshare so will pay $50 for a 30 min video chat. Need to hear back ASAP.

Sure thing, just send me a message to my profile with your site login and I’ll do now. I can see better without the read-only too. Not a problem.

I would like to do a Skype screenshare so you can walk me through how to do it.

Message me your Skype name and I will add you now.

Offer open to whoever who responds first. Need this done ASAP.

I sent you a message to your profile.

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