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CodePen problem

Hi guys,

I’m having a bit of a problem with a CodePen I’m editing/testing…

I’ve added the code to the page, and then added the CSS to the Footer Code before the /body tag, on the website settings, but nothing appears to show up :L

Does anyone know what I might be overlooking?

Why do you see the code in the browser window?

It’s not CSS unless wrapped in style tags.

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Sorry @samliew but the last time I coded, it was over 5 years ago and it was more C++ than CSS :confused:

Can you specify it a bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: ffs… I want to use that ‘duh’ gif again… I know HTML (not so much CSS)… How did I miss to add that on the code… ¬¬

Thanks @samliew :slight_smile:

@samliew any idea how to make it actually work as a button?
I’ve managed to make it look nicely and placed it inside a div, but I can’t place it inside a link div, therefor is a bit useless at the moment :confused:

Instead of a div, change cool-button to an <a> tag.

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Thanks @samliew

I tried that yesterday, but it would give to much work to specify each link on a website manually :stuck_out_tongue:
So I placed a couple of divs within divs, you know, workarounds, and managed to have a linkdiv with the button design inside :slight_smile:

thank for the help! :smiley:
really helpful to go through your link :slight_smile:

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