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Code Exported in Single Line..?

I exported my code first time. All html is in one line? What a nightmare!!! How can I pass clean code to the developers?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hello @Saran_Davaa,

Go to your project settings and on the Hosting tab scroll down to the bottom and uncheck/switch off Minify HTML. Publish your site and then try exporting again. I think this is likely the issue you are facing.


Thanks for the help. This really seems like to solution but it’s not still not working. I’ve tried turning it off/ publish/ see code; on/publish/see code.

Hi @Saran_Davaa ,

I’ve came across this issue before. I have a solution.

What I found (through other threads) was this was due to a ‘special character’ which breaks the code. This usually happens when you copy and paste the text/content from elsewhere.

To find the culprit… remove each section one by one. Everytime you remove a section click on the export button and if the code is no longer on one line you’ve found your error.

Once you’ve found the culprit delete and retype the section.

Sounds strange that a simple copy and paste can make this happen but it worked for me.

Good luck!


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