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HTML exports single line

Hello. I’m not really sure it is actually bug. I’m new here and it’s my very first project. So please excuse me in advance. But.

I need to export my website and the html file is just one long single line. I mean it is fully functional but it’s not good to have it like this. Is here any way to fix this? I use Lite plan.

Hi! I’m not 100% certain if this setting deals with the exporting of your site code, but may be worth a try. Minifying HTML/CSS/JS helps with the load time of your site. If you turn off minifying, it should revert to the standard HTML code layout you’re used to seeing. Try turning this off in Project Settings > Hosting > Advanced Publishing Options at the bottom of the page. I’ve never tried this before for exporting, but it may work!

I’ve tried this before but it doesn’t work. The HTML export is still single
line. Actually it affects rendering the page somehow and it doesn’t look
right when I publish it. So that’s not the solution. But thanks anyway.

Odd behavior. I exported two separate projects (one hosted by Webflow and one not) and both .ZIP files don’t contain any minified files.

Following this thread in case someone else knows a solution. Hope you get it fixed!

Which OS and program are you using to open the exported HTML files?

I use mac OS (High Sierra) and don’t open the code at all. I upload the .zip directly to the hosting ftp. But it is not relevant in my opinion. The code is single line already in webflow export preview window.

I forgot to say I made a website when I was on Free plan and after the whole work was done I have changed to Lite. I don’t know if it can affect the export.

Hi @pecamat, thanks for reporting the issue. There is definitely some strange behavior with the export. I have reached out to the dev team and will provide a further update when there is more info.

Thanks in advance

Hi @pecamat

Thank you again for posting about this issue.

It looks like we found the root cause of this issue. If you copy/pasted your text content from another app like Word or Pages there’s a chance some styles / characters like   made it into your project and this is causing the issue.

To resolve this you can copy/ paste your text without formatting or retype the text. Then try to export your project once more.

Hope this helps!

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