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Code appearing in body of published site?

Hello guys, hoping this post get some response as so farv with other topics I have created i have had no feedback on those subjects :frowning:

The code i see in the body of the published site is as follows

.w-slider-nav-invert>div.w-active { background-color: #842136; }

See screenshot attached

Any idea how I have done this? and how do i fix it?

Thank you,



@SteveRetro, that is odd, are you doing anything with custom code, can you share your public site link, or you can private message me with the site link.

Cheers, Dave

Hello Dave,

I fixed it now, what I was trying to do was change the colours of the Slider Nav dark and light grey circles, initially within Webflow but couldn’t work out how, so I did it in inspect element copied the changes and then pasted it in custom code in the site settings, this didn’t work either but I forgot to remove it from the body tag haha

Which brings me to my new question, how and where do I change the colours for this:



Hi @SteveRetro, thanks, that explains it then. Regarding the second question, I just see two dots, what is that?

Cheers, Dave

Oh sorry my bad,

They are the rounded icons in the slider nav, see below:



Hi @SteveRetro, to style those, you would at the moment, need to use some custom jQuery or CSS to change the style of your slider balls that are used by default.

Here is an article:

Cheers, Dave