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Slider "Nav-Circles" color change

Hey guys & gals, quick question, just wondering if it’s possible to change the color of the ‘slider-nav-circles’ other than the default white or unversed black. I realize I can change the color after exporting, but if there’s a way to do it in Webflow before export, that would be awesome to know.



Here’s how you can do it. You’ll have to add it to your custom code for now until we make it work in the designer:


@thesergie @danro Thanks so much! I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find a response. I really appreciate you digging this up for me. In all honesty, I shoul ha’ve thought to use embedded code instead of sifting through the CSS after export.

Thank you kindly - Webflow support is awesome.


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Is it possible to change individual dot colors?
I am working on a slider that provide users to select different color which will drive the slider. It will be very good if it’s possible even through ext. coding.

@Zackary_Yu since they’re added dynamically depending on how many slides there are you aren’t able to add classes. But you can experiment by targeting each item using nth-child pseudo selectors.