Colours different in editor mode vs preview/published mode

Hello Webflow community,

I haven’t used Webflow for a good few years, jumped back on to edit this template I purchased, and as the title describes, for some reason when I change colours of various parts of the site in editor mode in latest version of Chrome, they revert back to the default colours in preview/published mode.

Please see below screenshots

Editor mode:

Preview/Publshed mode:

Any ideas where and how to change the colours so they reflect in preview/published?

Thank you


Welcome back Steve!

Looks like one of your animations has an initial state that gives it a green background! :slight_smile:

@RoryVB hello Rory, thanks for the advice, however I cannot see any animations being triggered on this?

What am I doing wrong? lol I’m such a noob these days on Webflow hahaha

Hi @SteveRetro ,

The interaction is on the ‘Service Item’ element rather than the icon itself:

Like @mww said, the animation isn’t on the element itself but the service item!