CMS w/ google map pins

Look for help integrating location based listings into a google map that also links to the
CMS pages.

Not seeing any options on templates for CMS with google maps here:

Looking to replicate Wordpress templates:

Thanks in advance,

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i can surely help you, lets discuss more on this over skype . or you can reach me on

charles L
skype - live:charles_10661

you can just clone my project here:


wow nice! an options to use an address vs long/lat for pin locations?

Don’t know, need to check but I think its doable with some JS…

Hey @jawtab, that’s totally doable using Google’s Geocoding API provided by google. You provide it with the address and then it converts it to Latitude and longitude :slight_smile:

Thanks all! Let me know if that is an easy integration into one of these real estate related theme. I looked at @Renan_M_falo 's map and looked great.

Just need to custom map color and pin and link to cms pages.

let me know on cost to integrate such a task.

Hi ,
I am available to assist on location based listings
Please add me - deepvyas71 (AT) gmail (DOT) com