CMS video thumbnail in link block not clickable

Howdy - I am running into an issue where I am serving a video as a project thumbnail inside a link block and the video seems to not be clickable. If I click the text under the video that’s inside the link block it’s working fine, but the video isn’t clickable. There should also be a mouse over state of underline on the text within the thumbnail link blocks that now seems to be broken or behaving erratically due to the video.

Hoping it’s an easy fix - This is one of the last little bugs for me to figure out before dropping in my content!

Any help is appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Strange Practice

Hey Jordan! Could you please reference the class and page you’re referencing?
The only video i’ve found is on your Huckberry portfolio item.

On the home page, the only link block I’m finding links me to the current portfolio item.