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CMS Video background & Formats

Hi all,

Been a while since I completed our company website using Webflow and it’s about time it was updated. (website is here)

The plan is that some projects will have video backgrounds instead of hero images, but obviously this is dependant on having video footage for projects - many do not. The plan is to facilitate this using the “if set”/“if not set” to switch between background video/hero images.

My first question is; does the video background support CMS? If not, what is the best method to achieve this?

I have spotted this topic which appears helpful (I’ve yet to try it), but it’s a few years old now so is it still the way to achieve this? Also, based on this method… Can the video be hosted on the Webflow servers/my website, or do I need to find an external host such as Vimeo/dropbox/etc?

Secondly, having had a quick look into video formats I’ve found myself more confused rather than less confused. I generally work exclusively with h.264/ProRes formats for video editing, but appreciate these aren’t intended for web use. What is the recommended format/resolution/frame rate for web (specifically background) videos?

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,